If you haven’t seen Hulu’s hit series Only Murders in the Building yet, we’re not here to tell you what to do, but, well, you definitely should. Starring Martin Short, Selena Gomez, and Steve Martin as amateur podcasting detectives, the comedy-drama (which boasts an impressive 98-percent Rotten Tomato score) is a highly entertaining, easy binge-watch. We’ll spare you most of the spoilers, but we will say this: dips are a must when you’re watching. Why? Because, as those who have seen it already will know, thanks to Short’s struggling theater director character Oliver Putnam, you will crave them.

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Putnam is very very passionate about dips. “You know, this is all I eat, dips for dinner,” Putnam tells Gomez’s Mabel Mora in the second episode of the first series. “I bet I have not had a regular entrée for years.” The dip thing runs all the way through the series, so at some point, it’s likely you’re going to get a pang of desire for a dip of your own. In fact, maybe it’s happened to you already, and that’s why you’re here. If so, welcome. We’re pleased to say we’ve got you totally covered when it comes to delicious dip inspiration that we strongly believe Putnam would approve of.

13 vegan recipes to check out next time you fancy “dips for dinner”

From green goddess to guacamole to hummus, you can find some of our favorite dip recipes below—all vegan, of course. 

VegNews.GreenGodessShanika Graham-White

1 Healthy Vegan Green Goddess Dip

Indulge in Orchids + Sweet Tea’s rendition of Green Goddess dressing as a creamy dip. Made with a plethora of delicious plant-based ingredients, including cashews, garlic, kale, and spinach, it’s packed with wholesome goodness, is irresistibly delicious, and is perfect for enjoying with veggies, crackers, or salads.
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2 Simple Vegan Classic Guacamole

Whip up a quick, classic guacamole at home with this house recipe from the Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa in the Caribbean. All you need to do is mash avocado with cilantro, garlic, onion, tomato, lime juice, salt, and pepper for an easy crowd-pleasing dip that’s packed with flavor.
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VegNews.GuacHummusSam Turnbull

3 Vegan Garlicky Chickpea Avocado Hummus Dip

Made by merging guacamole and hummus, the recipe comes from the Fast Easy Cheap Vegan cookbook. It’s creamy, light, nourishing, and guaranteed to be a hit. This might just be the ultimate party dip.
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4 Vegan Pink Beet Hummus

Roasted beets lend a stunning color and rich flavor to this vibrant pink hummus from the Eat Clean, Play Dirty cookbook. It’s nutrient-packed, and guaranteed to transform your snack game for all future Hulu binge sessions.
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VegNews.BeanDipOrchids + Sweet Tea

5 Vegan Easy Garlic Herbed Three Bean Dip

Orchids + Sweet Teas easy, creamy garlic three-bean dip merges the richness of kidney beans, cannellini beans, and black beans with aromatic garlic and fresh herbs. It’s perfect for spreading on toast, dipping veggies, or pairing with crackers.
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VegNews.AvocadoChutney.ShivangiRaoShivangi Rao

6 Creamy Vegan Avocado Indian Chutney

This indulgent creamy vegan avocado Indian chutney from the Mindful Indian Meals cookbook is enriched with coconut cream and avocado for a luscious texture. Versatile and fragrant, it will elevate any of your favorite dishes, from fries to tacos.
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Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 11.45.59 AMSam Turnbull

7 Loaded Vegan Queso Dip

Made with cashews for creamy richness and topped with black beans, corn, cilantro, and jalapeño, this delicious queso dip from Fast Easy Cheap Vegan’s cookbook is perfect for both dipping and drizzling.
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VegNews.GuacThe House of AiA

8 Leveled-Up Guacamole With Pomegranate and Cacao

Transport yourself to the Mexican Riviera with this recipe from the Palmaïa–The House of AïA resort. It’s classic guacamole, but it also includes zesty lime, fresh ginger, and fiery serrano peppers for extra flavor. Elevated with bitter cacao nibs and juicy pomegranate, it will make a vibrant addition to your next taco night.
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9 Easy Vegan Black Bean Dip

Wholesome black beans and vibrant spices come together in this easy vegan black bean dip. It’s perfect for gatherings (or solo snacking in front of the TV) and will pair well with avocado on tortillas, as well as the usual culprits—veggies, crackers, you know the drill.
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VegNews.WhiteBeanDipMarie Laforêt

10 Vegan Lemony White Bean Dip

Creamy white beans are blended with zesty lemon, olive oil, and aromatic cilantro to create this refreshing, wholesome, and nourishing dip. You can choose any white bean you like, but some of the best options include cannellini beans, lima beans, and navy beans.
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VegNews.PizzaHummusHélène Dujardin

11 Garlicky Vegan Pizza Hummus

Enjoy your favorite pizza flavors in this garlicky vegan hummus dip from the Healthy Vegan, Happy Body cookbook. With tomato sauce, nutritional yeast, garlic, and herbs, it’s perfect for dipping or slathering on baked dishes.
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VegNews/TziritaIgnacio ‘Nacho’ Urquiza

12 Vegan Tzirita (Pepita-Chile Seed Dipping Sauce)

Indulge in the fiery, smoky, nutty flavors of vegan tzirita (pepita-chile seed dipping sauce) with this recipe from The Mexican Vegetarian Cookbook. Toasted pumpkin and morita chile seeds, along with herbs, create a delicious dip perfect for tortilla chips.
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VegNews.BaconCheddarDipCharity Morgan

13 Vegan Bacon Cheddar Jalapeño Dip

Chef Charity Morgan has knocked it out of the park with this super tasty vegan bacon cheddar jalapeño dip. Cream cheese, vegan bacon, and smoky cheddar combine to create a, quite frankly, irresistible dip choice for your next TV night.
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