There’s nothing like baking (and enjoying!) a batch of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies or lemon pound cake—whether you’re a master baker or have just found a new hobby to help manage stress. But what should we make? We turned to VegNews readers to tell us which dessert recipes they’re loving most, and here are some of their favorites. So crank up the tunes and whip up something blissful to get you through the next week. VegNews Magic Cookie Bars, we’re coming for you!

The best vegan cookie recipes


1 VegNews Magic Cookie Bars

Sweetened condensed vegan milk, graham crackers, walnuts, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips are the stars of these seriously addictive magic cookie bars. Top tip: while you can make the condensed milk from scratch, it’s also easy to buy online, too!
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VegNews.SoftBatchSugarCookies.DustinHarderDustin Harder

2 Soft-Batch Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting

If you’re craving some nostalgia, these soft, light, cakey, vegan sugar cookies are well worth a try. They’re just like the original, but arguably even better, because they’re totally animal-free.
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3 Salted Caramel Cookies

When the holiday season arrives, these chewy salted caramel cookies are the ultimate festive treat. But that said, you don’t need to wait for the winter months to whip them up—when it comes to cookies, there are no rules.
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VegNews.ChocolateChipCookiesMichelle Siriani

4 Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes the simple treats are the best. Serve these classic vegan chocolate chip cookies—which are just the right amount of crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside—with a tall glass of oat milk whenever the mood strikes.
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VegNews.PeanutButterCookiesHolly V. Gray

5 Soft Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter makes everything better, but when it comes to cookies, it just makes them even more delicious and addictive than they already are. Plus, they smell great when they’re baking, too.
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Chocoholics, these are for you: the best vegan chocolate desserts

VegNews.ChocolateChipBrownies.VeganRichaVegan Heritage Press

6Chocolate Chip Brownies

These brownies are a true triple chocolate threat. They’re loaded with not just dark and semisweet chocolate chips, but also plenty of cocoa powder, too, of course.
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VegNews.ChocolatePBRiceBarsJackie Sobon

7Chocolate and Peanut Butter Rice Bars

These rice bars contain chocolate and peanut butter, which is, arguably, a match made in heaven. But if you need more sweetness, feel free to add in some dried cranberries or dates, depending on your preference.
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VegNews.DetoxChocolatesAnson Smart

8Detox Almond Butter Cups

Yep, these almond butter cups are not just deliciously indulgent and addictive, but they’re also pretty healthy, too, thanks to the additions of cacao and raw almond butter.
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Chocolate BarkFairwinds Press 

9Customizable Vegan Chocolate Bark

Combine vegan chocolate chips with your choice of a mix-in to make this super tasty chocolate bark snack. Mix-in options include crushed pretzels and vanilla extract and, if it’s the holiday season, crushed candy canes and peppermint extract.
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VegNews.ChocolateAlmondButterPuddingPieGibbs Smith Publishing

10Chocolate Almond Butter Pudding Pie

If Oreos, chocolate, coconut cream, and almond butter combined sounds like your dream dessert, then you’re really going to love this pudding pie. And so are all your loved ones (if you decide to share).
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Light, sweet vegan snacks

VegNews.PecanOatBarsLuke Albert

11Pecan, Cinnamon, and Banana Oat Bars

These tasty bars—which are made with bananas, maple syrup, rolled oats, cinnamon, and chopped pecans—are a great vegan dessert option, but they also work well as a breakfast choice, or you can have them as an afternoon pick-me-up, too.
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VegNews.LemonQuinoaBitesJackie Sobon

12Lemon Quinoa Bites

Just because it’s a tasty dessert, doesn’t mean it can’t be nutritious. This recipe for protein-packed lemon quinoa bites is proof. 
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13Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Chia Pudding

This pudding is a good source of protein and omega 3s, which means it’s a great healthy dessert choice. But if you prefer, you can eat it for breakfast, too. It’s definitely worth getting out of bed for.
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Raw-Almond-Joy_Credit-Amy-LyonsAmy Lyons

14Raw Almond Joy Fudge

Fudge is arguably one of the best desserts, and it’s easy to make vegan, too, just like this recipe demonstrates. You’ll need a few things before you start, including a blender, plenty of finely shredded coconut, and a sweet tooth.
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15Chocolate-Dipped Raspberry Rose Oat Bars

If you’re not sure about eating edible flowers, let these oat bars change your mind. They’re a delicious, nutritious snack, and guaranteed to become one of your new go-to sweet treats.
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Vegan ice cream, anyone?

VegNews.DoubleChocolateCherryChipIceCream.BlissfulBasilBlissful Basil

16Double-Chocolate Cherry Chunk Ice Cream

This ultra-indulgent ice cream recipe requires just five ingredients: bananas, raw cacao, almond extract, cherries, and dark chocolate. It’s easy and quick to make and tastes great in a bowl with some extra cacao nibs.
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VegNews.HotChocolateIceCream.HannahKaminskyHannah Kaminsky

17Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

When you think of ice cream, you might not think of cayenne pepper. But let this recipe convince you that this spice compliments sweet ingredients like banana, vanilla, and chocolate perfectly.
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VegNews.TahiniCoffeeShakeSo Vegan

18Tahini Coffee Shake With Dark Chocolate

This dreamy, creamy shake is thick and velvety and features a delicious mix of strong espresso, chocolate, and tahini. It’s rich, decadent, and tastes great with a generous help of sprinkles.
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VegNews.MarshmallowCoconutCreamSarah Bond

19Marshmallow Coconut Cream Popsicles

Popsicles aren’t just for summer. These marshmallow-coconut cream frozen treats, which are made with aquafaba, taste delicious whatever the weather is like outside.
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VegNews.RedVelvetBeetShakeBlissful Basil

20Red Velvet Beet Shake

Beet juice is the key ingredient in this thick, addictive shake. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day treat, but don’t let that stop you from making it all year round. As well as beets, it features dates, coconut cream, cacao powder, and vanilla extract.
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These recipes take the vegan cake


21Lemon Drizzle Pound Cake

Nothing beats a generous slice of homemade cake, especially when it’s a lemon drizzle flavor. It’s addictive, indulgent, zesty, and, of course, perfectly moist. Basically, it ticks all of the vegan dessert boxes.
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VegNews.TiramisuKirsten Kaminski

22Vegan Tiramisu

Bookmark this vegan dessert for those times when you’re feeling like enjoying something really rich and chocolatey—because this silky, velvety tiramisu will certainly not disappoint.
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23Almond Orange Cardamom Cake

Orange juice, cardamom, almond meal, and vegan yogurt combine to make this zesty orange cake. It’s packed with flavor, easy to make, and it’s set to become your new favorite sweet treat.
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VegNews.PineappleUpsideDownCake.Feature2Clare Winfield

24Vegan Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Top this fruity, addictive pineapple upside-down cake with plenty of fluffy dairy-free whipped cream. It’s a classic, but it’s easy to veganize and just as tasty without the animal products.
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VegNews.ValentinesChocolateCakeChris Shoebridge

25Classic Chocolate Cake With Raspberries

Chocolate fans will love this classic chocolate fudge cake, which is topped with juicy raspberries for a little bit of extra sweetness. It’s delicious on its own, but you can’t go wrong by serving a generous dollop of ice cream on the side.
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