Star Wars Day (or May 4) is approaching at the speed of light, and every year, different brands in our universe release Star Wars-inspired products. 

This year, blue milk—the drink of choice across the Star Wars universe since the ‘70s— is coming to stores for us Earthlings, complete with a label that features Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in their iconic lightsaber-to-lightsaber battle. But there’s a problem. 


While the fictional version of blue milk comes from female banthas, mythical creatures that resemble wooly mammoths, this new, real dairy version is made by the problematic company TrueMoo. 

In 2020, dairy farm Dick Van Dam Dairy—a supplier to Dairy Farmers of America which produces milk brands Dairy Pure and TruMoo—was the subject of an undercover investigation that found widespread animal cruelty at its California farm. 

Instead of buying into TruMoo’s blue milk hype, try these Star Wars-inspired food and drink options.

Have blue milk at Disney parks, instead

If you’re craving blue milk but want to keep it dairy-free, visiting Disneyland or Disney World will quench your thirst. At both parks, the Star Wars-themed land of Galaxy’s Edge serves vegan versions of both blue and green milk made with a blend of coconut and rice milk—both of which are allergen-friendly and vegan

Where does the milk get its blue hue? The Milk Stand uses spirulina and turmeric instead of food coloring, making this dairy-free blue milk an even more attractive option. 


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Disney World and Disneyland also serve plant-based options at its intergalactic eatery Docking Bay 7 inside Galaxy’s Edge. Here, the star dish is the Felucian Kefta and Hummus Garden Spread, made with Impossible Foods’ meatballs, herb hummus, tomato-cucumber relish, and served with pita bread. 

The eatery also serves two plant-based kids’ meals with water as a beverage option.  

Star Wars-inspired vegan recipes

You don’t have to go galaxy hopping to find vegan-friendly food to celebrate Star Wars Day. A quick trip to the grocery store and then to your kitchen is the only space travel you’ll need to do to prepare these five Star Wars-inspired plant-based recipes.


1Kaadu Ribs 

Kaadu are originally from the planet Naboo but were bred as livestock by planet Batuu residents. These “reptavians” are the inspiration behind Kaadu Ribs found at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney parks—which are made from animal meat. Our sweet and sticky version is made from toothsome seitan and includes a lemongrass bone. Pair with a cabbage slaw and a blueberry corn muffin for an otherworldly meal. 
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2Peka Sushi Sandwich

These handheld sushi sandwiches are perfect for keeping the Peka River community of planet Batuu well-fed and their waterways full of life. Instead of using fish, these sandwiches are stuffed with savory panko-breaded tofu, refreshing cucumber, and tangy pickled beets. 
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3 Popcorn “Porg”

The adorable space birds known as porgs in Star Wars have always been friends, not food, and even Chewbacca couldn’t bear to eat one in The Last Jedi. And we’d argue that you can say exactly the same thing about birds on Earth. That’s why this recipe, a take on popcorn chicken, does not call for any type of bird and instead, calls for super-firm tofu that gets battered and covered in flavorful breading before being fried to perfection. 
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4Tip Yip Chow Mein

If porgs are too cute to eat, so are Tip Yips. In this recipe, the Endorian chickens are replaced with an Earthly fruit, the jackfruit, known for its pull-apart texture and meaty flavor. The meatless Tip Yips are glazed in a sweet and savory sauce and served with egg-free chow mein noodles—a hearty meal fit for an Ewok and everyone else. 
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5 Bantha Caramel Cookies

What goes great with vegan blue milk? Bantha cookies, of course. At Disney parks, Bantha cookies are a real thing at Oga’s Cantina and are similar to Girl Scouts’ Samoas. We’ve got a copycat vegan recipe that features the same caramelly and coconutty flavors of the original Bantha cookie. Plus, they’re no-bake which means you can leave the oven off and keep your house from feeling like Tatooine this summer. If you want to add a meringue horn to your Bantha cookie to honor the docile creature, here’s a vegan toasted marshmallow topping you can pipe on top.
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