We all need to be eating more leafy greens. At least, that’s what the research indicates. In January 2022, a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that only 10 percent of American adults are eating the recommended daily serving of vegetables. 

Leafy greens, in particular, are one of the best types of vegetables to eat. The CDC has even called them “nutritional powerhouses.” But if you’re not a spinach fan, or you can’t get on board with lettuce, or you’re bored of kale, we’ve got the leafy green for you: bok choy. It’s crunchy, it’s peppery, it’s slightly sweet, it’s delicious, and it’s easy to cook with, too (find our favorite vegan recipes below!).

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What is bok choy?

Also known as Chinese cabbage or pak choi, bok choy is a crunchy, leafy green vegetable with crisp, white stems and dark green leaves. It’s commonly used in East Asian cuisine and comes in two varieties: baby bok choy and Shanghai bok choy. As you may have guessed, the former is smaller, with tender delicate leaves, while the latter is larger. Both varieties are mild, peppery, and slightly sweet, but Shanghai bok choy has a slightly stronger flavor, while baby bok choy is a little more subtle.


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Bok choy nutrition

Like all leafy greens, bok choy is a super nutritious addition to your diet. It’s brimming with nutrients, and it’s a particularly good source of vitamin A and vitamin C. It also contains antioxidants, like beta-carotene, which help to protect the body’s cells from harmful free radical damage. Bok choy is also packed with minerals, including calcium, potassium, and folate, and it’s a good source of fiber.

Research suggests that eating greens, like bok choy, regularly is associated with a reduced risk of various diseases, including heart disease and certain types of cancer. In fact, according to one study, published in the journal Food Chemistry, eating 100 grams of cruciferous vegetables (like boy choy) every day is linked with a 10-percent reduced risk of death from any cause.

How to cook with bok choy: 8 vegan recipes 

If you’re feeling inspired to cook with a little more bok choy, you’ve come to the right place. This nutrient-dense vegetable is included in many of our favorite recipes, and you can find some of our go-to dishes below (all of which are delicious and vegan, of course).

VegNews.GingerGarlicNoodleSoupJessica Randhawa

1 Vegan Ginger Garlic Noodle Soup With Bok Choy

This quick, adaptable, and immune-boosting broth is infused with ginger and garlic and features cremini mushrooms, rice noodles, and bok choy, of course. It’s the perfect combination of fragrant, comforting, and delicious, making it an ideal winter choice.
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VegNews.MisoMustardTempehAlexandra Shytsman

2 Miso-Mustard Tempeh With Roasted Baby Bok Choy

In this umami-rich dish, pan-seared tempeh marinated in miso, mustard, and tamari pairs perfectly with tender, roasted baby bok choy. Finish with a zesty squeeze of lemon juice and toasted sesame seeds.
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3 Oil-Free Vegan Sweet Chili Tofu Broccoli Mushroom Stir-Fry

Featuring oven-baked tofu, a flavorful sauce of vegetable broth, rice wine vinegar, sweet chili, baby bok choy, and tamari, this vibrant, weeknight dinner recipe is a wholesome, oil-free choice. Serve over cauliflower or brown rice, and garnish with sesame seeds, scallions, and cilantro.
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VegNews.CrispyRice1Bri Beaudoin

4 Vegan Crispy Rice Salad With Smashed Cucumbers 

This crispy rice salad is nothing short of a flavor explosion. It features golden-brown crispy rice, four cups of chopped baby bok choy, zesty pickled radishes, and vinegary cucumbers, all of which are tossed in a tangy lime dressing.
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5 Vegan Beef and Vegetable Lo-Mein

This quick and satisfying dish is made with tender vegan “beef” strips, crisp vegetables (including shredded boy choy), egg-free Chinese noodles, and a tasty savory sauce. It’s easy to prepare at home and is set to become one of your new fakeaway favorites.
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6 Filipinx-Inspired Vegan Peanut Vegetable Stew

Inspired by Filipinx cuisine, this decadent stew recipe combines vibrant veggies, like winter squash, Chinese eggplant, and baby bok choy, with smooth peanut butter and a blend of aromatic spices for a flavor-packed dish. It’s best served over rice and garnished with chopped peanuts.
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VegNews.RawCoconutCauliflowerStirFry.MazValcorzaMurdoch Books

7 Coconut Cauliflower ‘Stir-Fry’ In Zesty Lime Dressing

This refreshing dish can be enjoyed all year round, but it’s particularly suited to warmer days. The zesty lime and tamari marinade is delicious with coconut cauliflower rice and assorted veggies (including shredded bok choy!).
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VegNews.SweetAndSpicyBroth2.Vegan100Simon Smith and Adam Laycock

8 Vegan Sweet & Spicy Broth

This fiery-sweet soup comes together in just 20 minutes, so it’s ideal for those days when you want something quick, tasty, and nutritious. It’s a comforting broth, made with sesame oil, ginger, garlic, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, and a medley of vibrant vegetables like bean sprouts, samphire, and boy choy leaves.
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