What do groovy ’70s-style nuptials, eclectic grandpa streetwear, and Western gothic decor have in common? It turns out, they are just a few of the trends Pinterest is predicting for 2024.

Most people use the popular image-forward social media platform for planning ahead, and according to Pinterest, this gives it a “unique insight into the future.” Food is also one of the platform’s biggest categories. And in this sector, Pinterest predicts, melty mashups and tropical flavors are set to reign over 2024’s dinner tables. If that sounds right up your flavor alley, we’ve gathered a few delicious Pinterest trend-inspired recipes below.

What are Pinterest’s 2024 food predictions?

Pinterest’s 482 million regular users aren’t just using the site for homeware, weddings, and clothes, they’re also using it to plan delicious, show-stopping meals. And according to the platform, it has noticed a spike in fusion food searches. Specifically, users are looking for very cheesy or creamy fusion recipes, hence why the trend is called “Melty Mashups.”

“In 2024, two ooey, gooey, treat-yourself favorites will make mouthwatering mashups like ‘burger quesadillas’ and ‘pizza pot pies,’” notes the report. “Gen X and Boomers will feast on this all-new food fusion.”

Another trend set to dominate the food space in 2024, according to Pinterest, is “Tropic Like It’s Hot.” The platform reported a rise in searches for things like pineapple mocktails, pineapple upside-down cake, and coconut aesthetic.

“In 2024, your favorite foods, home decor trends, and fashion finds will get the tropical treatment,” reports Pinterest. “Boomers and Gen Z are driving this escapist aesthetic complete with hibiscus prints and tasty mocktails.”

How to Pinterest your food in 2024: 10 vegan recipes to try

For delicious recipe inspiration throughout 2024, you can, of course, always head to the VegNews Pinterest page. But to help you try out trendy vegan melty mashups and tropical dishes, we’ve also listed some of our favorite recipes below.

Melty mashups

VegNews.CheeseburgerTotsDustin Harder

1 Vegan Cheeseburger Tater Tots

Traditionally, cheeseburgers and tater tots are kept separate, but why? We say it’s time to break the rules and mix these two fast-food classics together. Honestly, they’re *even better* this way (especially when they’re made from home with vegan ingredients).
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VegNews.BratandKrautMac2Robin Robertson

2 Vegan Bratwurst Mac and Cheese

What’s better than mac and cheese? Perhaps, mac and cheese with vegan hot dogs in it? Arguably, it’s the perfect upgrade—especially when enjoyed with a glass of beer or two.
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3 Vegan Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

This fusion dish is one of Taco Bell’s most popular menu items, and it’s easy to see why (who doesn’t love a melty TexMex pizza mashup?). The great news is it’s actually pretty simple to make this classic dish vegan. And the result is even more delicious.
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VegNews.MacAndThaiRobin Robertson

4 Creamy Vegan Thai Mac

Mac and cheese is the perfect base for a melty fusion dish. Mix in red curry paste, coconut milk, red pepper flakes, peanuts, and herbs to add a delicious Thai twist to this comforting classic.
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VegNews.BreakfastNachosPCDavid MaloshDavid Malosh

5 Loaded Vegan Breakfast Nachos 

Combine nachos, tofu, and zesty salsa to make this tasty dish, which fuses not just nachos and vegan scramble, but also two mealtimes: dinner and breakfast. Everything is drizzled with cashew cheese sauce, making it the ultimate melty mashup.
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Tropical dishes


6 Vegan Pineapple Cashew Fried Rice With Vegan Eggs

If you’re a fan of tropical flavors, we are confident this recipe will become one of your new favorites. Sweet pineapple, nutty cashews, vegan chickpea eggs, and aromatic fried rice combine to make a delicious flavor explosion.
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VegNews.PinaColadaZhoro Apostolov and Michelle Cehn

7 Creamy Vegan Piña Colada Mocktails

You don’t have to get caught in the rain to enjoy these creamy, tropical mocktails. In fact, we suggest bookmarking this one for the summer months, so you can enjoy it with a good book in the glorious sunshine.
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VegNews.PorkThe Herbivorous Butcher

8 Vegan Hawaiian Kahlua Jackfruit Pork

This plant-based twist on Kahlua pork features smoky pulled jackfruit in fluffy sweet buns. Close your eyes, take a bite, and transport yourself to the shores of Guam or Hawaii, without having to leave the house.
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VegNews.PineappleUpsideDownCake.Feature2Clare Winfield

9 Vegan Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Get in on the hype of one of Pinterest’s most searched-for recipes with this delicious vegan version of the fruity classic. Make sure to top it with plenty of cloudlike dairy-free whipped cream.
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VegNews.MarshmallowCoconutCreamSarah Bond

10 Vegan Marshmallow-Coconut Cream Popsicles

These sweet, marshmallow-coconut popsicles are both kid- and adult-friendly, so make sure to prepare a big batch ahead of the 2024 summer. They are sure to be gone in a flash.
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