As the year winds down and the festivities gear up, this time of year can feel like a mad dash to the finish line (though if you’re stressed out about last-minute gift shopping, don’t forget about the savior that is deliverable vegan cookies). But through all the cookie swaps and office parties and white elephant gift exchanges, there’s one thing that gives us a little bit of solace: we’re not alone in the holiday rush!

We asked some of our favorite vegan stars for a sneak peek into their holiday traditions, favorite festive eats, and all the gifts at the top of their wish lists. And guess what we found out? Stars—they’re just like us!

Chloe Coscarelli

Celebrity chef and cookbook author


What is your most memorable holiday gift?

“I’ll never forget when my mom bought me my first electric KitchenAid hand mixer—in a shiny Christmas red—for my first holiday away at college. I was 18 and used it for about 14 years, pumping out millions of batches of cookie dough until the motor finally gave out and death did us part. It was a beauty!”

DeAndre Jordan

NBA star and Denver Nuggets Center


What’s your wish for the new year?

“For people to have more empathy and to see themselves in one another. I dream for people to have an understanding that we are all part of the human race and that bigotry and hatred have no place in this world.”

Daisy Fuentes

Iconic MTV personality and actress


What’s your go-to beverage this time of year?

“I love a vodka martini with one olive, shaken not stirred, hold the vermouth. Something about holding a beautiful martini glass is very festive and old school.”

Tig Notaro

Stand-up comedian and actor


What’s the one holiday movie you always watch?

“Call me boring, but ‘A Christmas Story’ is always my number one.” 

Harley Quinn Smith

Actor and musician


What holiday dish would you eat year-round?

“I really wish I could find vegan stuffing and mushroom gravy year round. Stuffing has always been one of my favorite foods, and I think the vegan version is even better. It really may just be my favorite food in general!”

Mena Suvari



How do you celebrate the holidays?

“My husband and I have celebrated Christmas dinner at Los Angeles’ vegan sushi spot Shojin for the last couple of years, and I still look forward to their incredible sushi and sipping on their cranberry-topped holiday mocktail year after year.”

Maggie Baird



What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

“My husband and I have always started our Christmas morning with Jon Anderson’s album ‘3 Ships.’ It’s been a tradition since before we had kids, and it’s now a sentimental favorite of the whole family. And I can’t forget my kids Billie and Finneas’ song ‘Come Out and Play.’ I love that song—it’s quickly become a holiday favorite for us.” 

Preacher Lawson

Stand-up comedian and social media personality


What song do you have on repeat during the holidays?

“I listen and sing along to ‘This Christmas’ all the time, even in the middle of July. This is my favorite song, and I’m going to keep singing it despite everyone telling me to stop.”

Tabitha Brown

Emmy Award-winning actor and social media personality


What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree?

“After this year, honey, I’m dreaming of a massage chair.”
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