This go-to, one-stop shop for many people is quickly becoming a vegan haven thanks to a surprising number of plant-based products. The freezer section boasts cases packed with vegan brands such as Gardein, Field Roast, and Impossible Foods, and you can even find vegan tuna, chocolate chip cookies, and heat-and-eat bowls. With an abundance of options, Walmart is further proving veganism’s place in the mainstream. So, grab your oversized shopping cart (and this list!) to make sure you don’t miss these amazing vegan finds.

Vegan products at Walmart

This mega-store has become more and more vegan-friendly over the years with the addition of a wide variety of vegan products. Occasionally, vegan brands will exclusively launch their products at Walmart before expanding their retail footprint.

In 2021, the store became the first to carry marshmallow brand Yummallo’s vegan marshmallows at all Walmart locations nationwide. In the same year, the superstore began carrying popular plant-based meat brand Impossible Foods’ vegan meatballs at over 3,000 locations nationwide. The vegan meatballs joined Walmart’s dedicated plant-based frozen section, where it joined Impossible’s other plant-based meats, namely Impossible Burger, Impossible Chicken Nuggets, and Impossible Sausage. In 2022, Beyond Meat launched its first vegan steak product, Beyond Steak, at over 5,000 stores, including many select Walmart locations. In the same year, family-size packs of vegan buffalo chicken wings from meatless brand Like Meat hit the freezer sections at over 3,600 Walmart locations just in time for the Super Bowl. 

But that’s not all. When Grammy-award-winning music artist Jermaine Dupri launched his own vegan ice cream brand, JD’s Vegan, he chose to partner with Walmart for the launch of his vegan pints. “Walmart and I share the same vision of providing consumers with the best products and making healthy alternatives accessible to everyone,” Dupri said in a statement. 

And beyond food products, Walmart has incorporated more sustainable initiatives into its other product offerings.

Best vegan finds at Walmart

But for now, we’ll get into our top editor picks from the superstore’s offerings. Think vegan meatballs, burgers, mac and cheese, pints of ice cream, cookies, and more. 

VegNews.BeyondMeatBig Box Vegan

1 Beyond Meat Beyond Breakfast Sausage

Whip up one delicious breakfast sandwich by layering these meaty sausage rounds with avocado, tomato slices, JUST Egg, and vegan mayo all on an English muffin.


2 Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo

Even mainstream brands like Hellman’s are getting in on the vegan mayo game. This giant tub retails for less than $4 and will quickly become a staple in your kitchen.


3 MorningStar Farms Mickey Mouse-Shaped Nuggets

Trying to win over a picky eater? Try these fun Disney-inspired, soy-based vegan nuggets! And no, they’re not just for kids.


4 Lotus Biscoff Cream Sandwiches

The classic vegan biscuit cookie gets an even better upgrade in this dairy-free cream-filled sandwich version. Both a vanilla and cookie butter cream version exist, and they are both irresistible.


5 Annie’s Homegrown Vegan Mac

Ready in just two minutes in the microwave, these mac and cheese cups make at-home lunches even easier. Each double pack retails for less than $3, making them an affordable buy.

VegNews.CederlaneFoodsCederlane Foods

6 Cederlane Foods Vegan Lasagna

No time to make dinner? No worries! Cederlane Foods’ vegan lasagna is ready to pop in the oven and is full of cheesy, saucy goodness.

VegNews.HealthyChoiceHealthy Choice

7 Healthy Choice Plant-Based Power Bowls

Made with Gardein vegan chicken and packed with vegetables and healthy grains, these bowls make for a simple meal on those nights you’re just too tired to cook. Trust us, we’ve been there.


8 Impossible Sausage

The widely popular vegan sausage is now available in retail markets, including Walmart, so customers can cook up a deluxe vegan brunch from the comfort of their own homes.


9 Great Value White Chocolate Baking Chips

The megamart even has vegan white chocolate chips! A hard-to-find commodity at many stores, these dairy-free morsels are ready for adding into brownies, cookies, dessert bars, and so much more.

VegNews.RollinGreensRollin’ Greens

10 Rollin’ Greens Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we’re not mad about it! These breaded, finger lickin’ good wings come with savory sauces such as sweet mustard and teriyaki for a game day-ready snack.


11 Loma Linda Vegan Tuna

Mix up these lemon pepper or original cans of vegan tuna with some vegan mayo, chopped pickles, and whatever else you enjoy in your tuna salads for that classic deli sandwich experience.


12 Field Roast Chao Shreds

Melty quesadillas, grilled cheeses, vegan omelets, and so much more get a step up with this easily meltable shredded vegan cheese from the popular vegan meat brand.


13 Zen Almond Milk Chocolate Puddings

That nostalgic lunchbox treat is now available dairy-free and plant-based! Layer with crushed Oreos and vegan whipped cream for a delicious chocolate parfait.


14 JUST Egg

The ever-popular egg substitute is available in the refrigerated goods section at Walmart and primed and ready to be turned into frittatas, omelettes, scrambles, and more.


15 Pure Blends Avocado Oil Vegan Butter

This avocado oil-based buttery spread is delicious on toast, in baked goods, slathered over waffles or pancakes, or for adding that perfect crisp when frying up foods in a pan.


16 Breyers Vegan Ice Cream

Yes, if you haven’t heard, Breyers even has its own non-dairy ice cream line now! And you can find it at Walmart. Veganism has come a long way.


17 Field +Farmer Vegan Dips

These vegan queso, spinach artichoke, and Buffalo dips are delicious warmed and drizzled over sheet pans of nachos or as a great dipping sauce for fries, buffalo wings, vegetables, and chips.


18 Dino Buddies Vegan Nuggets

The fun vegan nugget shapes don’t just stop at Mickey Mouse! These dino-shaped nuggets are sure to win over the plant-based kiddos in your life and pack in half a cup of vegetables in each serving.


19 Sweet Loren’s Vegan Cookie Dough

Find this gluten-free cookie dough nestled in the refrigerated aisles of Walmart. Bake them and add into milkshakes, sundaes, or brownies for added decadence.


20 Gardein Breakfast Bowls

Choose between Southwest Sausage and Veggie, Sausage Potato and Kale, and Sausage Benny (with vegan scrambled egg) for a ready-made vegan breakfast bowl found in the freezer section.


21 I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter! 

Every major butter brand is recognizing the demand for vegan butter … even when it’s not butter! Plant-based oils make up the base of this perfectly meltable spread.


22 Like Meat’s Vegan Chicken Buffalo Wings

Game day food boards don’t know what’s coming for them! These meaty vegan wings come with a tangy Buffalo sauce and are ready for dipping in vegan ranch dressing.


23 Daiya Vegan Mac

Don’t miss this meatless bacon mac and cheese found among the shelf-stable goods. Made with gluten-free pasta and pea protein-based meatless bacon bits, this meaty and cheesy concoction makes for an easy weeknight meal.

VegNews.JDsVeganJD’s Vegan

24 JD’s Vegan Ice Cream

Launched by music legend Jermaine Dupri, this vegan ice cream is made from a base of coconut cream to deliver a thick texture without animal-derived ingredients.


25 Hidden Valley Vegan Ranch

This longtime dairy-based company debuted vegan ranch to much acclaim. Grab a few bottles on your next Walmart trip for drizzling over salads or adding to vegan Buffalo wraps. 


26 Simulate Spicy Vegan Nuggets

These Instagram-famous vegan nuggets have hit the shelves at Walmart! Late night snacking just got a lot better. 


27 Happi Food Plant-Based Bowls

Choose between Shawarma and Bulgogi meal bowls, found in the freezer aisle, with healthful ingredients such as eggplant, cauliflower, brown rice, edamame, and meatless crumbles. A quick and nourishing meal can be ready in a matter of minutes. 


28 Daiya Gluten-Free Pizza

Layered with the brand’s mozzarella shreds, plus roasted red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and basil, this frozen pizza is a step above the rest. Add on your favorite beefy crumbles or vegan pepperoni for some extra heartiness.


29 Impossible Foods Vegan Meatballs

Ready to make the best meatball sub of your life? Pick up a bag of these extra meaty meatless meatballs for stuffing into subs with melty vegan cheese. 


30 Daring Foods Vegan Breaded Chicken

These original vegan breaded chicken tenders are just so tender and delicious. Add into wraps or toss over salads for a cripsy, flaky protein addition. 


31 Yummallo Vegan Marshmallows

This classic, chewy treats get a gelatin-free makeover perfect for summertime s’mores! We’re keeping these bite-sized sweets in our cupboard for cereal treats, cookie bars, and hot chocolate. 


32 Quinn Peanut and Dark Chocolate-Filled Gluten-Free Pretzels

These salty-sweet snacks are irresistible and perfect for on-the-go snacking. 

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