10 Vegan Rainbow Recipes for a Delicious Pride Month (in Quarantine)

10 Vegan Rainbow Recipes for a Delicious Pride Month (in Quarantine)

Colorful recipes that are as deliciously appetizing as they are breathtakingly beautiful are the perfect way to get in the spirit of this month’s festivities. 


This year, we’re getting creative and celebrating Pride à la quarantine. With an array of plant-based treats featuring every color of the rainbow, we’re bringing the celebration into our kitchens. Make these tasty eats with family or gather with loved ones on Zoom and toast to a happy Pride!
1. Unicorn Yogurt Bark
This magical, kaleidoscope treat transforms vanilla yogurt  into a pastel-colored rainbow with all-natural food coloring. Covered in sprinkles, this simple snack from Fork & Beans comes together in five easy steps (and with just three ingredients). This whimsical bark is deliciously delightful!
2. Rainbow Veggie Skewers
Gimme Some Oven has created a beautiful arc on a stick with this fresh and easy recipe. Squash, bell peppers, tomatoes, red onion and purple potatoes are marinated, then threaded onto skewers to represent the pigments in the ROYGBIV continuum. We suggest serving them over white basmati rice for a delectable presentation that mimics a rainbow in the clouds.
3. Rainbow Smoothie
For one day a year, say goodbye to your average breakfast smoothie. With seven stunning layers, this morning treat from The First Year combines plain or vanilla yogurt with handfuls of fruit in each of the rainbow hues before being topped off with a fruit skewer. 
4. Egg-free Rainbow Meringue Cookies
Take your rainbow with you in pocket-sized meringue cookies thanks to these eggless delicacies made with one of our favorite ingredients—aquafaba! This delightful recipe from Nerdy Mama takes a mere 15 minutes to prepare, but you’ll be pacing your kitchen floor while waiting for them to finish baking (in just about an hour and a half.)
5. Rainbow Spring Rolls With Ginger Peanut Sauce
Look no further for the pot of gold than in these spring rolls from Minimalist Baker. The full spectrum of the rainbow is illuminated with the assortment of fruit and vegetables (including mint, cilantro, bell pepper, mango, carrot, and beet) inside these psychedelic wraps. Full of health-boosting ingredients, these garden-fresh rolls deliver a bounty of wellness treasure.
6. Rainbow Unicorn Dip
Chocolate Covered Katie propels the rainbow to new heights with this decadently luscious dip. Katie’s Healthy Cheesecake recipe inspired the batter, which is swirled with all the shades of the rainbow. With only 10 minutes to create this fairytale-esque concoction, you’ll be snacking on this decadent dip in no time!
7. Rainbow Sangria
Toast to Pride with this colorful libation featuring several layers of fruit chunks in all the colors of the rainbow drenched in white wine and brandy. Build your drink to your desire with this recipe from Gimme Some Oven, but don’t drink so many that you forget to say “cheers!”
8. Rainbow sushi rolls
Taste the rainbow in these multi-colored rolls from BitterSweet that serve as a variation on the classic California roll. Blogger (and VegNews contributor) Hannah Kaminsky replaces crab with jackfruit and naturally “dyes” sushi rice with beet juice, turmeric, spirulina powder, and cabbage water for a roll that is as stunning to look at as it is delicious to taste.
9. Rainbow Fruit Pizza
In this gluten-free recipe, Petite Allergy Treats tops an eggless sugar cookie crust with fresh fruit, followed by a dairy-free frosting whip. Simple yet elegant, this dessert is our new favorite way to get in all our daily fruit servings.
10. Rainbow smoothie pops
These popsicles from Lunches and Littles are as much a delight for the eyes as they are the stomach. Blend yogurt with frozen fruit in assorted colors, then pour them into popsicle molds layer by layer. Well worth the time and effort, these frozen treats are creamy and rich with flavor. We might never look at rainbows again without a mouthwatering desire for these frozen treats.
Stephanie Dreyer is the founder of VeegMama, where she helps families cook and eat healthier.

Photo credit: Forks and Beans

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