Ever wondered how much you could save by heading to Trader Joe’s for your plant-based staples? We’re talking vegan cheese, bananas, hummus, oat milk—you know the drill. Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Below, we’ve compared the prices of our plant-based favorites at Trader Joe’s with those from two other US favorite grocery stores: Kroger and Whole Foods. And for the most part, Trader Joe’s really does come out on top, but not always. To find out where you should be buying your plant-based must-haves, from tofu to dark chocolate, check out our list below.

Vegan options at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s isn’t just helpful for stocking up on vegan staples, it also consistently offers new and innovative plant-based products, too. For example, those with a sweet tooth should check out our guide to the chain’s best vegan desserts (which includes sunflower seed butter cups and vegan ice cream cones). You can also follow our guide to the best Trader Joe’s products for a plant-based brunch, which includes options like plant-based egg and vegan salmon spread. And finally, to find out which are the best vegan Trader Joe’s products of all time (according to 5,000 VegNews readers!), follow our guide here.

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How much can you save at Trader Joe’s? 8 price comparisons

If you’re just in the market for the essentials, we’ve put together eight price comparisons on some popular vegan staples below.

Trader Joe's Tofu

1 Tofu

Trader Joe’s: $1.49
Kroger: $1.69
Whole Foods: $1.69

Okay, so it’s not a huge saving, but Trader Joe’s still comes out top when it comes to organic firm tofu by 20¢. This plant-based staple is incredibly versatile and can be transformed into so many delicious dishes, including scramble, kebabs, and even vegan popcorn chicken. Plus, it’s packed with protein, too.


2 Bananas

Trader Joe’s: $0.23
Kroger: $0.25
Whole Foods: $0.69

Earlier this year, Trader Joe’s announced that its banana prices were rising for the first time since 2001, from 19¢ to 23¢, due to inflation. But, despite this, the popular grocery chain still has the cheapest bananas in the business. If you’re heading to Whole Foods, you’ll have to pay a whole 46¢ more for the fruit. Bananas are a great plant-based staple, as they’re packed with potassium and other essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, they’re versatile, and of course, can be used in everything from ice cream to bread

Trader Joe's Organic HummusTrader Joe’s

3 Organic Hummus

Trader Joe’s: $2.99
Kroger: $3.99
Whole Foods: $3.99

Hummus is more than just a dip, it’s a way of life. Okay, we’re exaggerating, but it is more than just a dip. It can be a pasta sauce, a wrap filling, or the perfect salad accompaniment. If you’re seeking out a delicious tub of organic hummus, if you head to Trader Joe’s, you’ll save $1, compared with if you went to Kroger or Whole Foods. That’s the price of four more bananas!

Vegan Mozzarella Shreds

4 Dairy-free Mozzarella

Trader Joe’s: $3.99
Kroger: $3.99
Whole Foods: $3.69

Sorry Trader Joe’s, but while your vegan mozzarella shreds are undeniably good value, Whole Foods actually has you beat on price on this one by 30¢. Whether you grab them from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, though, vegan mozzarella is a true vegan star. It can be used in many different recipes, from gooey poutines to hearty lasagnas to crispy garlic bread.

Trader Joe's Oat MilkTrader Joe’s

5 Oat Milk

Trader Joe’s: $2.79
Kroger: $2.49
Whole Foods: $2.99

Oat milk is arguably the perfect cow’s milk alternative. It’s creamy, it’s rich, and it froths up beautifully in a latte. If you’re heading to Trader Joe’s, you can grab a carton for $2.79, which is 20¢ than Whole Foods. However, Kroger actually has the cheapest option of the three, at $2.49 per carton. You can drink oat milk straight from the carton, blend it into a smoothie, or mix it into a sauce—the options are endless.


6 Avocado

Trader Joe’s: $1.79
Kroger: $0.99
Whole Foods: $1.28

Nothing beats avocado for creamy, vegan goodness. It’s great on toast, mixed up in guacamole, or baked, too (yep, avocado fries are a thing, and they are delicious). When it comes to individual pricing, Kroger is actually the best bet (according to The Kitchn, a single avocado at Trader Joe’s will set you back around $1.79). That said, the popular Tiki-themed grocery chain also offers a bag of mini avocados for just $2.99, too.

Tomato Paste

7 Organic Tomato Paste

Trader Joe’s: $0.99
Kroger: $1.19
Whole Foods: $1.29

Tomato paste is arguably one of the most important plant-based staples. It can form the basis of many delicious dishes, like bolognese, tandoori, and stew, and it’s also packed with nutrients, including antioxidants. At Trader Joe’s, you can grab a can of organic tomato paste for less than $1.

Trader Joe's Dark ChocolateTrader Joe’s

8 Dark Chocolate

Trader Joe’s: $1.49
Kroger: $2.79
Whole Foods: $3.69

Dark chocolate is more than just an indulgence, it’s also good for your health, too (yep, you read that correctly!). You can find out more about its nutritional benefits, here. It’s also the perfect ingredient for vegan baking (for further evidence of that, see: Vegan and Gluten-Free Chocolate Churro Waffles With Strawberry Sauce). At Trader Joe’s, you can pick up a bar for $1.49, which is considerably less than many of its rivals.

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