In its raw form, the humble potato doesn’t look like much. But honestly, when it comes to this tuber vegetable, the limit truly does not exist. It can be anything and everything, and it works in pretty much any dish, with any flavor profile. Its potential truly knows no bounds. And that means that it is, of course, one of the most popular vegetables in the world. In the US alone, more than 95 percent of Americans eat potatoes around twice a week, according to the Idaho Potato Commission.

While they don’t count as one of your 5 A Day (an incredibly sad fact of life), potatoes are still pretty good for you. They’re a good source of fiber, for example, and they also contain vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium. For more on the nutritional value of potatoes, check out our guide here. But if it’s just recipes you’re after (and we don’t blame you), check out our list below for some of the best ways to make use of potatoes. Our stomachs are rumbling already.

40 delicious vegan potato recipes to try now

Greek Lemon Potatoes-40

1 Vegan Greek Lemony Roasted Potatoes

Freshen up crispy, golden roast potatoes with a tangy, flavorful lemon-garlic Greek dressing. Serve with your favorite plant-based protein (we vote this firecracker tofu!) and plenty of greens.
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VegNews.CheesyCasseroleDanielle Keith

2 Cheesy Cauliflower Potato Casserole

Is there anything more comforting than cheesy potatoes? Top with breadcrumbs and pair with cauliflower for a nourishing winter meal.
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3 Tempeh, Mushroom, and Roasted Potato Breakfast Skillet

This hearty, nutritious breakfast is guaranteed to set you up for a good day. For extra spice, serve with plenty of hot sauce.
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VegNews.Latkes.HannahKaminskyHannah Kaminsky

4 The Crispiest Vegan Potato Latkes

These crispy, juicy potato pancakes are hard to beat, especially when they’re topped with applesauce or dairy-free sour cream.
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VegNews.GreekPotatoSaladLauren Toyota

5 Greek Potato Feta Salad

Greek flavors really shine in this delicious, tangy roasted potato salad. Add in some store-bought vegan feta cheese or make your own from tofu.
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6 Sweet Potato Swirled Mashed Potatoes

Fluffy mashed potatoes are always a hit, but if you fancy something a little different, swirl in some sweet potatoes for extra flavor and nutrition.
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VegNews.DeviledPotatoesDanielle Keith

7 Vegan Deviled Egg Potatoes

You would be forgiven for thinking that chicken eggs are a key ingredient in deviled eggs. But this recipe proves you can have all delicious flavors with none of the animal ingredients.
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8 Vegan Skillet Breakfast Eggs and Potatoes

For a simple brunch, pair a tofu scramble or liquid vegan egg with your favorite vegetables and plenty of baby potatoes.
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VegNews.HasselbackPotatoesSimon Smith

9 Vegan Hasselback Potatoes With Cheese Sauce

Hasselback potatoes are crispy on the outside, soft in the center, and generally an all-around delicious dinnertime treat. Up the comfort levels by pairing them with a creamy cheesy cashew-based sauce.
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VegNews.StuffedMushroomsHolly V. Gray

10 Spinach and Mashed Potato Stuffed Mushrooms

We’ve got four words for you: garlicky, spinach mashed potatoes. Need we say more? Okay, how about you stuff them in a mushroom? Perfection.
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11 Beans Marbella With Salty Roasted Potatoes

Beans and salty roast potatoes are the perfect backdrop for tangy, briny vinegar, capers, and olives.
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VegNews.DillRoastedChickpeasJackie Sobon

12 Dill-Roasted Chickpea and Lemony Potato Buddha Bowls

Chickpeas, Brussels, and golden lemony potatoes combine to make this delicious Buddha bowl—it’s healthy, packed with flavor, and it’s set to become your new lunchtime favorite.
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VegNews.PotatoRollJasmine Briones

13 Cheesy Stuffed Vegan Baked Potato Rolls

If you love loaded baked potatoes, we have no doubt you are going to be a big fan of this potato roll recipe. It even features a cheesy filling complete with vegan bacon bits.
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VegNews.SmashedBakedPotatoesJeff Wysocarski

14 Smashed and Loaded Potatoes

This recipe is further proof that vegan bacon bits, cheese, and fluffy baked potatoes are a winning combination.
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15 Simple Crispy Vegan Smashed Potatoes

Stuck for an appetizer idea? You can’t go wrong with potatoes. This recipe is a universal crowd-pleaser, there’s no doubt.
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16 Potato Leek Soup With Broccoli Gremolata

Waxy yellow Yukon potatoes are the perfect base for this hearty, creamy leek soup, which is served with a zesty, nutritious broccoli gremolata.
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17 Frying Pan Samosa Pie With Potatoes and Cauliflower

Samosas don’t have to be relegated to the side of the plate. This recipe, which features potatoes, cauliflower, and green peas, proves they deserve to be the whole meal.
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18 Herbed Vegetable Roast With Garlic Mashed Potatoes

On a chilly winter’s day, warm yourself up with this hearty, herbed vegetable roast and creamy nourishing garlic mashed potatoes.
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VegNews.MisoSmashedPotatoesLuce Hosier

19 Easy Vegan Miso-Butter Sheet Pan Smashed Potatoes

This smashed potato recipe is simple, quick, and incredibly tasty. Pair with your go-to plant-based protein (like this vegan salmon perhaps) and greens.
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VegNews.SabziRicha Hingle

20 Instant Pot Potato Sabzi (Spiced Potatoes)

Thanks to mango powder, cayenne, Indian black salt, and more spices, this simple potato curry is bursting with flavor.
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VegNews.HomityPieAimee Ryan

21 British Homity Pie With Potatoes and Cashew Cream

This traditional British open vegetable pie is a hearty fall and winter dish. Cashew sauce works beautifully for the creamy filling.
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VegNews.CheesyPotatoes.Dustin Harder

22 Easy Vegan Cheesy Garlic Potatoes and Broccoli

If you’re wondering about what to make for a flavor-packed, nutritious, and delicious side dish, look no further than these cheesy garlic potatoes and broccoli.
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VegNews.HashSam Turnbull

23 Breakfast Hash With Potatoes and Black Beans

Another breakfast dish, but this time, it’s with protein-packed black beans and spicy salsa. Add this to your morning rotation and you won’t regret it.
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VegNews.LoadedFriesSupremeLauren Toyota

24 Supreme Nacho Fries With Tofu Bacon Crumbles

When it comes to potatoes, one of their best iterations has to be fries. Load them up with tofu bacon crumbles, nacho cheese sauce, and sour cream and you’ve got yourself the perfect weekend treat.
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VegNews.MalaiKoftaNeelam Pokhrel

25 Malai Kofta (Tofu Potato Meatballs in Tomato-Onion Gravy)

These meatballs are actually totally meat-free. Instead, tofu and potatoes mix together to make the dumplings, which taste delicious in flavorful tomato-onion gravy.
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VegNewsPoutineFrancesca Bonadonna

26 Easy Vegan Poutine With Herby Gravy and Mozzarella

This classic Canadian dish is incredibly indulgent. It’s hearty, cheesy, and easy to make from home. While you can grab a bag of frozen French fries, if you’ve got time, we recommend making them from scratch.
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VeganFakeoutTofishandChipsLuke Albert

27 Crispy Vegan Beer-Battered Tofu Fish and Chips

When it comes to this British classic, you can’t have the fish without the chips—even if the fish is made with tofu. And don’t forget the mushy peas, too.
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VegNews.BangersandMashLauren Toyota

28 Meaty Vegan Bangers and Mash With Herbed Gravy

Potatoes feature in a lot of British meals, and we’re for it. These meaty vegan bangers and creamy mash are a delicious winter classic, especially when they’re doused in herby gravy.
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VegNews.HashBrownFrittataJackie Sobon

29 Vegan Breakfast Frittata With Hash Brown Crust

Shredded potato hash browns are the key to this crispy, addictive breakfast frittata. Make sure to serve with plenty of hot sauce, fresh avocado, and dairy-free sour cream.
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30 Vegan Mushroom-Sausage Breakfast Hash Tacos

You can’t go wrong with tacos for breakfast, especially when they’re packed with baby potatoes, mushrooms, and vegan sausages.
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VegNews.UltimateBreakfastSkillet.FeatureLauren Toyota

31 The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Skillet

Stop right there. You’ve found the best vegan breakfast skillet of all time. That’s it.
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32 Filipinx Adobo With Tangy Soy Curls and Potatoes

Adobo is traditionally made with meat or seafood, but in this recipe, soy curls and potatoes are the star of the show. This dish is warming, satisfying, and bursting with flavor.
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VegNews.DauphonoisePotatoesSara Kiyo Popowa

33 Sweet Potato and Chili Dauphinoise With Spicy Pumpkin Seasoning

Potato takes many forms and we love them all, but dauphinoise arguably has to be one of its most sophisticated. The best part? This dish is also comforting, creamy, and super tasty.
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VegNews.AjiPotatoSamosasWade Hammond

34 Vegan Aji Potato Samosas

These samosas are warming, spicy, and really comforting. They’re delicious on their own or with a side of flavorful curry.
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35 Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

This recipe, with Yukon potatoes, nutritional yeast, oat milk, and garlic, will arguably be the best dish on the Thanksgiving table.
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36 Twice-Baked & Stuffed Potato

The secret to a melt-in-your-mouth potato is baking it twice, and then stuffing it with plenty of gooey, cheddar-style cheese.
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37 Beet & Potato Latkes

If you really love a crispy latke, beets take the already delicious snack to the next level.
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38 Cauliflower Steaks With Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

In this tasty vegetable-centered dish, horseradish adds extra flavor to creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes.
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39 Portobello Steaks With Roasted Potatoes

Forget beef, you can make a juicy steak with portobello mushrooms. Pair them with roasted potatoes and broccoli for a hearty, flavor-packed weeknight meal.
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40 Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie takes the British love for the potato to the next level. Creamy mash takes up half of this hearty, nutritious dish, which is also loaded with plenty of lentils, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and carrots.
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